School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education (ASTE)

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Name Title
Bruce Miller Department Head & Professor
Marci Chidester Academic Advisor I
Kaylee Roholt Academic Advisor I
Barbara Baird Academic Advisor
Lisa Hunsaker Academic Advisor
LaZell Allen Staff Assistant III
Judy Wilde Staff Assistant III
Rose Judd-Murray Assistant Professor
Tyson Sorensen Assistant Professor
Richard Beard Associate Professor
Kelsey Hall Associate Professor
Eric Mantz Associate Professor
Michael Pate Associate Professor
Gary Stewardson Associate Professor
Denise Stewardson Extension Associate Professor
Debra Spielmaker Extension Professor
Randall Bagley Program Coordinator III
Megan Cook Program Coordinator III
Tracy Blake Lecturer
Jenn Nielson Lecturer
Amber Williams Lecturer
Royce Hatch Senior Lecturer
Yasuko Grow Webmaster I
Lucy Delgadillo Professor
Rhonda Miller Professor
Ed Reeve Professor
Brian Warnick Professor
Andrea Gardner Program Coordinator II
Alisha Hill Program Coordinator II
Bekka Israelsen Program Coordinator II
Carrie Milligan Program Coordinator II
Jensea Moore Program Coordinator II
James Arnold Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Cody Bassett Flight Instructor
Lacee Boschetto Instructor
Matt Bunnell Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Jamie Cano Associate Vice Chancellor, Associate Department Head, Professor
Courtney Clausen Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew Deceuster Professional Practice Associate Professor
Scott Edwards Professional Practice Instructor
John Evans Flight Instructor
Curtis Frazier Professional Practice Instructor
Dart Friedli Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Steven Gasik Assistant Flight Manager
Scott Greenhalgh Professional Practice Assistant Professor
David Hicks Lab Technician Senior
Rose Judd-Murray Curriculum Design and Development, STEM Education, Agricultural Education
Captain King Professional Practice Instructor
Mark Koven Principal Lecturer
Julie Lamarra Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Becki Lawver Interim Department Head and Associate Professor
Michael Logan Recruiter I
Ashley Martinez Assistant Flight Manager
Mikhail Maxfield Professional Practice Instructor
Kyle McArthur PCTE Instructor
Brian McNeil Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Jon Murdoch Assistant Flight Manager
Kan Okabe Flight Instructor
Andrea Olsen Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Michael Pate Associate Professor
Levi Portillo Flight Instructor
Todd Richardson PCTE Instructor
Taylor Schenk Education Specialist SR
Matt Smith Supervisor III
Trevor Smith Farm Foreman
Aaron Thompson Professional Practice Instructor
Richard Von Rintelen Flight Instructor
Lynn Wallin Education Specialist II
Austin Welch PCTE Instructor
Landon Wells Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Julie Wheeler Principal Lecturer
Jace Wilson Temporary Education Specialist SR
Mike Wojciechowski Flight Instructor
Taylor Woodall Flight Instructor
William Yoakam Professional Practice Instructor
Name Title

Also Known As

  • Agricultural Systems and Technology Education
  • ASTE

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Phone: 435.797.1000
Emergency Phone: 911