Office of Global Engagement

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  • 9545 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-9545
Name Title
Aaron Austad Marketing Assistant
Kallen Brunson Study Abroad Assistant
Janelle Carter Office Assistant
Amanda Castillo International Sponsored Student Academic Advisor
Taylor Clark Accounting Assistant
Shelley Comendant Business Assistant III
Maribeth Evensen-Hengge Senior Immigration Advisor
Kristina Frazier International Admissions Assistant
Kathleen Fretwell Staff Assistant III
Monika Galvydis Study Abroad Program Director
Reem Ghabayen Office Assistant
Libbey Hanson Study Abroad Peer Advisor
Nancy Hyde International Admissions Program Coordinator
Celestyn Lendor Marketing Manager
Rob Llewellyn Immigration and Academic Advisor
Chelsea Montgomery Office Assistant
Shelly Ortiz Program Director
Connie Radke-Kurian International Admissions Program Leader
Lisa Stoner Study Abroad Staff Assistant III
Kayla Sutherland Office Assistant
Heidi Thompson Business Assistant II
Emma Wright Study Abroad Direct, Independent and Faculty-Led Program Coordinator
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Phone: 435.797.1000
Emergency Phone: 911