Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences Department (NDFS)

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  • 8700 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-8700
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  • 750 North 1200 East, Logan, UT 84322-8700
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  • 8700
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  • (435) 797-2126
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  • (435) 797-2379
Name Title
Charles Carpenter Department Head & Professor
Tara Johnson Assistant to the Department Head
Michael Lefevre Professor
Silvana Martini Professor
Donald McMahon Professor
Ron Munger Professor
Brian Nummer Professor
Marie Walsh Professor
Heidi Wengreen Professor
Karin Allen Associate Professor
Korry Hintze Associate Professor
Bob Ward Associate Professor
Luis Bastarrachea Assistant Professor
Clara Cho Assistant Professor
Sulaiman Matarneh Assistant Professor
Mateja Savoie Roskos Assistant Professor
Carrie Durward Assistant Professor, Extension Nutrition Specialist
Launa Julander Academic Advisor I
Meredith Meppen Staff Assistant II
Amanda Chesbrough Staff Assistant III
Korry Hintze Director of Nutrition Science
Almut Vollmer Research Assistant Professor
Sheryl Aguilar Professional Practice Associate Professor
Janet Anderson Professional Practice Professor
Megan Armstrong Technician I
Janet Bergeson Researcher III
Stacy Bevan Professional Practice Assistant Professor
David Call Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Laureen Carlson Nutrition Assistant lll
Rebecca Charlton Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Danny Combe Technician I
Casey Coombs Program Coordinator III
Haden Davis Manager Senior
Veronica Estrada Nutrition Assistant lll
Marcia Gertge Nutrition Assistant Senior
Jocelin Gibson Program Coordinator III
Teresa Gonzalez Nutrition Assistant lll
Marlene Graf Professional Practice Associate Professor
Reyna Hernandez Nutrition Assistant lll
Kayla Howard Coordinator Service I
LaCee Jimenez Program Coordinator III
Paola Johnson Program Coordinator III
Natalie Norris Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Craig Oberg Visiting Professor
Leslie Rowley Program Coordinator II
Tamara Steinitz Professional Practice Professor
Kristi Strongo Nutrition Assistant Senior
Kaitlin Waters Nutrition Assistant lll
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  • NDFS

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Phone: 435.797.1000
Emergency Phone: 911