Center for Persons with Disabilities

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Name Title
Carolyn Adams Staff Assistant I
Jacquelyn Alderete Clinician I
Tammy Allred Early Intervention Specialist II
Linda Alsop Project Director
Norm Ames Associate Director
Jodie Andersen Business Assistant I
Conna Andrews Assistant to an Executive I
Wayne Ball Specialist II
Daureen Bastian Teacher Aide II
Heather Bean Staff Assistant I
Kathryn Bezzant Training/Development Specialist I
Jamie Bitner Clinician I
Melissa Bowe Program Specialist
Patricia Boyer Early Intervention Specialist I
Leslie Buchanan Program Specialist
Cynthia Budge Multimedia Specialist II
Alma Burgess Program Coordinator III
Andrea Cannegieter Staff Assistant II
Clay Christensen Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
Keith Christensen Assistant Professor
John Copenhaver Director
Karen Cox Child Find/Tracking
Shauna Crane Program Coordinator I
Catherine Crump Clinician I
Kevin Davis Program Coordinator Sr.
Amanda Davis Program Coordinator III
Elizabeth Dennison Director
Ronald Dughman Program Coordinator I
Barbara Fiechtl Clinical Instructor
Clint Field Psychologist
David Forbush Associate Director
Jared Fulgham Speech Pathologist
Joy Gines Business Assistant II
Audrey Graham Early Intervention Specialist I
Mary Gudgel Instructional Coach/Implementation Specialist
Jacqueline Guymon Speech Pathologist
Marilyn Hammond Associate Director
Mary Ellen Heiner Staff Assistant SR
Amy Henningsen Physical Therapist I
Thomas Higbee Assistant Professor
Gayle Hill Site Coordinator
Judith Holt Director & Associate Professor
Judith Holt Interim Director & Associate Professor
Mark Innocenti Director, Research and Evaluation
John Jeon Instructional Designer
Michael Jeppson Network Systems Specialist
Richard Jewkes Business Officer SR
William Johnson Program Coordinator
Shane Johnson Associate Development Officer
Tressa Johnston Physical Therapist I
Darrell Jones Project Director
Bernhardt Jones Program Director
Sherry Joy Clinician II
Vonda Jump Research Scientist
Kathi Kearney-Reaves RN/Coordinator
Rebecca Keeley Training/Development Specialist I
Layne Koyle File Review Clerk
Sonja Larsen Office Assistant SR
Margaret Lubke Researcher III
LeeAnn Lundgreen Staff Assistant III
Cathy Mace Clinician II
Jorge Manan-Moreno Clinician I
Page Maughan Speech Pathologist
Tina McComber Staff Assistant II
Kim Mendenhall Instructional Coach/Implementation Specialist
Nan Milleson Staff Assistant II
Tyler Monson Network Systems Specialist
Charlee Nealy Staff Assistant IV
Marla Nef Assistant Director
LaDawn Neilson Business Assistant III
Todd Newman Multimedia Specialist II
Lyndsay Nix Program Coordinator
Amy Notwell Program Coordinator III
Dennis Odell Physician I
Sue Olsen Director
Eduardo Ortiz Researcher III
Connie Panter Staff Assistant III
Sachin Pavithran Director
Jeanie Peck Training Development Specialist III
Shawna Peterson Clinician I
Curtis Phillips Physical Therapist I
Kristina Pickett Speech Pathologist
Storee Powell Marketer I
Janel Preston Education Specialist I
Drake Rasmussen Project Coordinator I
Gordon Richins Specialist II
Pam Rodriguez Staff Assistant II
Lori Rowan Project Director
Cyndi Rowland Associate Director
Sarah Salzberg Emeritus Professor
abish Sanderson Speech Pathologist
Brad Schwartz Program Coordinator Sr.
Kerry Shea Clinician I
Jeff Sheen Training Development Specialist II
Vicki Simonsmeier Assistant Professor
Kelly Smith Specialist SR
Brenda Smith Office Manager
Steven Smith Associate Director
Jared Smith Programmer/Analyst Lead
Emma Speth Clinician I
Caroline St.Onge Physical Therapist I
Kim Stewart Business Officer I
Deena Stockburger Nurse
Rebecca Stott RN/Clinician
Lois Summers Business Assistant I
Brock Taylor Programmer/Analyst III
Malynda Tolbert Instructional Coach/Implementation Specialist
Martin Toohill Coordinator of Psychological Services
Anthony Torres Director
JC Vazquez Project Coordinator I
Audrey Ward Program Coordinator II
Irene Welch Staff Assistant III
Sharon Weston Assistant to an Executive I
Jonathan Whiting Training/Development Specialist I
Kalyn Wight Office Assistant II
Miriam Williams Staff Assistant III
Julie Wilson Staff Assistant III
Patricia Winn Clinician I
George Wootton Nurse SR
George Joeckel III Web Accessibility Specialist
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Emergency Phone: 911