Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education, Department of

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  • 1000 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-1000
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  • 1000
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  • (435) 797-2613
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  • (844) 308-5865
Name Title
Karen Munoz Interim Department Head
Debbie Amundson Faculty
Jill Andrus Faculty
Carolyn Ball Faculty
Brittan Barker Faculty
Chad Bingham Faculty
Stephanie Borrie Faculty
Brian Burns Faculty
Kim Corbin-Lewis Faculty
Felicia Dixon Faculty
Karen Filimoehala Faculty
Sandi Gillam Faculty
Ronald Gillam Faculty
Heather Jensen Faculty
Jan Kelley-King Faculty
Jess King Faculty
Stephanie Knollhoff Faculty
Jeffery Larsen Faculty
Sarah Leopold Faculty
Sonia Manuel-Dupont Faculty
Jamie Mecham Faculty
Lisa Milman Faculty
Kristin Mosman Faculty
Karen Munoz Faculty
Lauri Nelson Faculty
Emilee Packer Faculty
Cache Pitt Faculty
Amy Porter Faculty
Curt Radford Faculty
Tiffany Shelton Faculty
Teresa Ukrainetz Faculty
Brynne Davies Academic Advising
Heather Humphreys Academic Advising
Tonya Jewell Academic Advising
Michelle Wilson Academic Advising
Nicole Jacobson Program Coordinator
Nikki Chin-See Professional
Ali Devey Professional
Marge Edwards Professional
Jeanette Smoot Professional
Matt Lovell Business Officer
Betty Edlefsen Business Assistant
Sue Reeder Medical Billing Specialist
Tracy Cowley Department Staff
Shauna Meikle Department Staff
Wendy Thompson Department Staff
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Phone: 435.797.1000
Emergency Phone: 911