Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department (ADVS)

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  • Agricultural Science Building (AGRS), Room 248
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  • (435) 797-2162
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Name Title
Dirk Vanderwall Department Head and Professor
Sherri Cox Staff Assistant, Senior
Tami Spackman Academic Advisor I
David Forrester Agricultural Assistant III
Glenn Mickelson Agricultural Assistant III
Fred Porter Agricultural Assistant III
Shane Summers Agricultural Assistant, Lead
Jeffrey Mason Assistant Professor
Johanna Rigas Assistant Professor
Kara Thornton-Kurth Assistant Professor
Arnaud Van Wettere Assistant Professor
Abby Benninghoff Associate Professor
David Frame Associate Professor
S. Clay Isom Associate Professor
Young-Min Lee Associate Professor
Ralph Meyer Associate Professor
Irina Polejaeva Associate Professor
Lee Rickords Associate Professor
Kerry Rood Associate Professor
Zhongde Wang Associate Professor
David Wilson Associate Professor
Karma Wood Business Assistant I
Jane Kelly Clinical Assistant Professor
Holly Mason Clinical Assistant Professor
Rusty Stott Clinical Assistant Professor
Joe Burger Computer Technician, Lead
Aaron Olsen Director and Clinical Assistant Professor
Thomas Baldwin Professor
Roger Coulombe Professor
Jeffery Hall Professor
Lyle McNeal Professor
Dirk Vanderwall Professor
Allen Young Professor
Craig Day Research Assistant Professor
Justin Julander Research Assistant Professor
Mirella Meyer-Ficca Research Assistant Professor
Heloisa Rutigliano Research Assistant Professor
Aaron Thomas Research Assistant Professor
Sang-Im Yun Research Assistant Professor
Katherine Zukor Research Assistant Professor
Chris Davies Research Associate Professor
Bart Tarbet Research Associate Professor
Brian Gowen Research Professor
John Morrey Research Professor
Samuel Nicholes Lab Technician II
Maria Hansen Lab Technician III
Abby Hawkman Lab Technician III
Deborah Johnson Lab Technician III
Analee Sessions Lab Technician III
Miles Wandersee Lab Technician III
Harold Winger Lab Technician III
Brett Bowman Lecturer
Justin Jenson Lecturer
Kelli Munns Lecturer
Jason Romney Lecturer
John Wallentine Manager III
Parl Galloway Manager, Senior
Tina Conrad Medical Technologist II
Sheri Iodice Medical Technologist II
Rong Li Postdoctoral Fellow I
Aaron Duffy Postdoctoral Fellow II
Rachael Christensen Research Technician II
Miriam Laker Research Technician II
Sara Sharp Research Technician II
Corey Wareham Research Technician II
Kevin Bailey Research Technician III
Jung-Ae Choi Research Technician III
Amanda Hagman Research Technician III
Brett Hurst Research Technician III
Deanna Larson Research Technician III
Sherrie Petty Research Technician III
Eric Sefing Research Technician III
Luci Wandersee Research Technician III
Hong Wang Research Technician III
Neil Motter Research Technician, Senior
Michelle Mendenhall Research, Senior
Venkatraman Siddharthan Research, Senior
Jonna Westover Research, Senior
Mary Hubbard Researcher I
Kate Parkinson Researcher I
Misha Regouski Researcher I
Kimberly Cavender Researcher II
Tracy Hadfield Researcher II
Craig Day Researcher III
Rousselene Jones Researcher III
Kieh Jung Researcher III
Dawei Kumaki Researcher III
Jon Schumann Supervisor I
Marcia Erickson Staff Assistant II
Laurel Hancey Staff Assistant II
Nicole Steele Staff Assistant II
Jodi DeVries Staff Assistant III
Charles Delaney Systems Administrator I
Darrik Moss Agricultural Assistant SR
Jennipher Hulse Business Accountant I
David Price Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Judy Smith Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Briedi Gillespie Professional Practice Associate Professor
Melisa Bishop Program Coordinator I
Sarah Behunin Researcher Assistant III
DJ Anderson Professional Practice Instructor
Michael Bishop Director of Student and Academic Affairs
Steven Colegate Research Scientist
Tye Cooper Lab Animal Technician
Brittney Downs Lab Animal Technician
Jason Fairbourn Lab Technician Senior
Matthew Garcia Extension Assistant Professor
Karl Hoopes Extension Assistant Professor
Jacqueline LaRose Temporary Assistant Professor
Arthur Lamont Business Manager II
Ying Liu Researcher Senior
Marta Mainenti Temporary Vet Pathology Resident
Lauren McMillan Medical Technologist
Megan Petersen Medical Technologist
Angie Robinson Agricultural Assistant
Sierra Salopek Veterinarian Intern
Alexis Sweat Temporary Instructor
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Phone: 435.797.1000
Emergency Phone: 911